Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What Mark Waid's Archie is Missing!

After starring in Pep Comics, and getting his own title, Archie seemed to be pretty darn popular:

Wait...what about the "side-splitting features"??

Man, I can't believe this modern Archie reboot hasn't once mentioned Sqoimy The Woim.

Get with it, Mr. Waid. Get with it!!

Ad from Zip Comics #36 (1943)


Bill said...

So many questions, but let's start with this: Assuming the "R" on Archie's sweater is for Riverdale, what does the "S" on Jughead's stand for?

Sina said...

That's actually been a plot point now for years :) the closest he came was when he thought he was leaving Riverdale because his dad got a new job in another town, so he took it off & held it out to give to his best a *not at all homo-erotic gesture to Archie* :) ...& stood there bare-chested & shirtless in the nighttime breeze, ready to reveal what the 'S' stood for & meant as it was his last chance to do so before never coming back like a soldier going off to war saying goodbye to his best gal :) he ended up not moving & the secret wasn't revealed in the end, though :P "I'll tell you next time I leave Riverdale", was his answer :P ;)