Thursday, January 28, 2016

Namor--Beautiful But Dumb!

Look, let's be blunt. Namor is stupid.

I mean, sure, he's big, and powerful, and one gorgeous hunk or mer-mutant:

That panel was just for you, Sally...

Anyway, as you read (if you could take your eyes of those rippling muscles), Subby is after Attuma.

By no small coincidence (since this is their book, after all), the Avengers are after him too:

Well, that's it, right? Attuma is rousted by the Avengers' B-Team, and the Sub-Mariner is there and pissed. The warlord is done for, right?

Sadly, no. Because Namor=stupid. And Attuma knows it:

Yup. Namor falls for the most ridiculous trick in the book. And during the melee, Attuma gets away with the super-scientific device he's stolen. So well played, Prince of the Seas!!

It's too late to do much good, but at least Wonder Man can give Namor some educatin'...from the School Of Hard Fists!!

Sigh...why are all the beautiful ones so stupid?

From Avengers #155 (1977)


Sina said...

...Cause thas jus' how we roll :P ;)

SallyP said...

Namor does have this...tendency to hit first and ask questions later...or maybe never.

But THANK you for the lovely shot! You know the way to a girl's heart.

Bill said...

Good grief, the Wizzer?

snell said...

Bill--the Whizzer had been hanging around with the Avengers because a)they just helped control his sun Nuklo and b) he still thought he was Wanda & Pietro's father. Good times...