Tuesday, January 26, 2016

LoisThe Vulcan!

Just another day in Metropolis...

What the what, now?

Professor Denison is just the tiniest bit crazy.

She was Lana Lang's professor at Hudson University, and Lana's number one fan. So when Lois "stole" Superman from Lana, well, she decided to take matters in to her own hands:

Even mad scientists are right once in awhile, it turns out, as...

On the way home...

See, the "emotional lobotomy" also turned Lois into a typical resident of the nu52:

Well, that was harsh.

Anyway, it turns out that the emotional lobotomy is permanent--Lois breaks lunch dates with her sister, and is rude to widows. Ouch.

But she decides to fake still loving Superman, because, well, it's a good career move?!?

Damn...Lois has been transformed into DC's editorial hierarchy, compelled to keep publishing Superman even though they find him boring and cold!!

Oh, don't worry, fans. It turns out that Professor Denison's "emotional lobotomy" was really just advanced hypnosis, and Kal-El managed to cure Lois with a little super-dickery. The End.

Still haven't found a cure for the emotional lobotomy afflicting DC, though...

From Lois Lane #109 (1971)

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