Saturday, January 2, 2016

Great Moments In Golden Age Penology!!

I wonder why this type of prison cell caught on?

It's oh so very Gotham City, isn't it? Just have all your prisoners in very narrow cells with their nickname inscribed on the front. That'll reform them!!

Plus, what if the crook doesn't have a nickname? Stick him in a different wing? Or just give him a nickname, like an Ellis Island for thugs?

And really, do you crooks want to listen to another guy who is also imprisoned? I mean, on the face of it, Midas Malone been no more successful than you...

Ah, but Midas still has lots of money stashed, and manages to bribe his way out of the hoosegow, along with his new followers!

Well, after capturing Bulletman in a lucky accident, Midas and his gang start such a reign of terror, only a symbolic splash page can do it justice:

Fortunately, Bulletgirl finds Bulletman, and her manages to find the one thing Midas can't buy his way out of:


Should have stayed in that cool cell, Midas Malone.

From Bulletman #4 (1941)

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