Thursday, January 7, 2016

And Then There Was That Time Superman Fell In Love With A Tree...

So, busybody Superman is investigating other planets, and...

Now look, Kal-El...surely you must realize how unwise it is to just up and introduce an alien plant species into Earth's biosphere--especially one you suspect might suffering from some "strange blight."

Why anything could this:

Superman--you're from Vulcan?!?

Well, Superman is completely under Rzalin's spell--who wouldn't be, she a very attractive plant. But what's her game?


Far-fetched? Sure, but so is inter-kingdom love!

And I'll be worked!

Oh, stop was all a dream!!

The plant's dream, that is...

Because humans am dumb!

At least the tree didn't have the "LL" initials...

From Lois Lane #112 (1971)


SallyP said...

That tree's name was Linda Larch.

Sina said...

...Got wood? :D