Thursday, January 14, 2016

Executive Editor, Edit Thyself!


In the aftermath of Secret Wars #9, Marvel Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort gave an interview to CBR. And in that interview, he says that the biggest and most important thing to come out of the series is...
The biggest and most important thing the fact that the Marvel Universe is no longer the 616... I don't know if by the end of "Secret Wars" #9 there are 616 universes yet...They started by restoring the Marvel Universe. So really, it's now the Prime Universe.
Sure, a nine-issue, 9 month, line-wide event, and the "biggest and most important thing" to come out of it was that you changed the name of your fictional home universe? You might want to rethink your ability to plan (or understand) big events, sir.

Meanwhile, from last month's Spider-Gwen #3, set 8 months after Secret Wars #9, and "Spider-Gwen" has hopped on over to "our" world to consult with a very pregnant Jessica Drew:

 Hmm. What was that again?


I guess someone didn't get the memo. 

Or maybe it really says Earth-GIG. Yeah, that's the ticket? Rock out?!?

Or maybe, just maybe, Marvel's Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing is too busy to edit, or even read, any of the books he publishes.

Of course, it's equally likely that I'm being a nit-picky jerk.

Unless, of course, calling 616 the "Prime Universe" is a secret hint that they're (finally) going to revive Prime and the Malibu Universe. In which case, rock on.


Maybe they'll fix it in the trade...?

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