Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Superhero Version Of Duck Amuck?!?

Oh no! A bunch of gangsters have decided to ambush hero Blue Bolt (and Lois!) on his home turf--inside a comic book!

We're going to get meta here, as the fourth wall is not only broken, but smashed, pulverized, and ground into kibble!! Hang on!!

Holy crap!!

The only credit we have for the issue is that it was penciled and inked by George Mandel. I'd like to think it was scripted by Bugs Bunny...

From Blue Bolt #24 (1942)...11 years before Duck Amuck.


SallyP said...

Wait... you mean this isn't what happens when creating a comic book every month? I am just so... so disappointed.

Sina said...

Paging Dr. Deadpool...paging Dr. Deadpool...You're wanted in 1942... :P

-3- said...

Abso-frelling-lutely Jarvelous!
I've got to go digging and read through more of that series to see what other oddities may have occurred.