Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Truth Behind The Wonder Woman-Superman Romance!!

The real reason Diana ended up winning Clark's love?

She had the deepest wallet!

But seriously, this was an island of super-strong women who called themselves Amazons...but it clearly wasn't Paradise Island/Themyscira. But they could be an offshoot, a lost tribe, right?

Anyway, Lois and some gal pals are stranded there, and Superman comes to rescue them, but Amazon law says any man setting foot on the island must be auctioned off as a slave, but when Lois is about to win the auction (she bids $1 million!!), the jealous queen rips up the law and ended slavery rather lose but then she switches to another (seemingly contradictory) Amazon law that says that any male trespasser must wed the woman who gives him a task he is unable to perform and of course Kal-El outsmarts every impossible task each woman gives him except Lois accidentally wins but since she doesn't want to win Superman "that way" she lies and lets him off the hook and OMG the Silver Age and I haven't even got to the part where the queen's crown is a mysterious metal that emits an odd radiation that neutralizes kryptonite but before he realized that Superman had to melt the crown in order to avoid marrying her and OMG. Silver. Age.

From Action Comics #235 (1957), as reprinted in Lois Lane #104 (1970)

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