Monday, October 5, 2015

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Make Your Own Girlfriend For Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day is coming soon (and before anyone chimes in about "made-up" holidays...ALL holiday are made up.). And the Leader has come up with the perfect strategy for finding a girlfriend--make your own!!

Dr. Rikky Keegan has been tricked by the Leader into extracting the "Gamma Factor" from Bruce Banner, putatively in the name of curing him.

Here's a pro-tip for your first date with the Leader: DON'T DRINK THE WATER!!!

Sorry, Rikky, the Leader has slipped you a gamma-rufie!

Guys, try using this line on your ladies: "The sight of your elongated forehead fires my emerald blood with desire!"

Let's not be sexist--ladies, try this on your men!!

It's all part of the Leader's master plan to put gamma into the New York City water supply, to create a civilization of gamma-powered minions to be his servants!

But remember--the Leader was a mere janitor when gamma-exposure made him a super-intellect. So if you do the same to someone who was already pretty damn smart?

The ingratitude!!

There's only one cure for that:

Yeah, he shot her in the back, but it wasn't a bullet--it was the cure, to return her to normal.

I guess it really was love...

From Incredible Hulk Annual #11 (1982)


Jonathan Hendry said...

I much prefer this version of the Leader, as opposed to the more recent scrotum-head version.

Dale Bagwell said...

Here, here. Damn, Gamma-ruffies. Now I've just about seen everything.

Oculus Orbus said...

And she got a Leader-style Gamma Ray haircut in the bargain. The things you can do with radiation these days!