Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Golden Age Idol--The Spider Queen!!

Marvel is all about the female spider-heroes these days.

Well, I've got one more for them:

The Spider Queen!!

She swings! She lurks! She wears a skirt that is ridiculously short!!

But seriously, I really do like that costume!

Yet the question stands--just who the heck is the Spider Queen?


My husband's dead...so I think I'll file!

See, Shannon Kane did this decades before Peter Parker!!

Woo hoo!!

She only appeared in 3 stories, and this is the only one I've read. She did do a lot of punching. She did a lot of swinging, a lot of lurking, and...

...a lot of snaring crooks with her webbing!!

The Spider Queen is public domain now...Marvel should grab her (after my tiny finder's fee, of course), and retcon her into their universe as the first of the Spider-heroes, and she was Peter's great aunt, and he found her formula for the webbing, and...well, I'll let Dan Slott or someone else do the heavy lifting.

Spider Queen!

From The Eagle #2 (1941)


nestor said...

Actually they already have... that's her being punched by Miss America:

snell said...

Damn you, Roy Thomas!!