Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Trial Of Lois Lane Part I--Not A Dream! Not A Hoax! Not An Imaginary Tale!

And then there was that time Lois Lane was on trial for the murder of Lana Lang:

Let me assure you, unlike many a Silver Age DC production, this cover is a 100% accurate depiction of events on the inside:

**Lois Lane is on trial for first degree murder for the killing of Lana Lang!

**Superman is acting as the prosecutor!!

**Batman is acting as the defense attorney--and he just may be the world's worst defense attorney!!

So epic is this story, it actually continued in the next issue:

Again, 100% accurate. Lois fails a lie detector test while being cross-examined by Superman. The fight depicted in that jumbo-sized phot Superman is holding actually did happen!!

I know what many of you are saying--It's an imaginary story! It takes place on Earth-L! That's not the real Lois, or the real Superman, or even the real Batman!!

Wrong, wrong, and wrong again:

This story was 100% canon, until various Crises came and un- de- and re-booted it.

So what happened? Who murdered Lana? How did the world's finest super-heroes end up playing out the second half of an episode of Law & Order?

This one is going to take us all morning to cover. Keep checking back every half hour, as we cover...The Trail Of Lois Lane!!

Lois Lane #99 & 100 are from 1970.

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