Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Trial Of Lois Lane Part XII--The Gotham Way!

It's a break in the trial, and Superman is offering Lois an alternative to the electric chair:

Well, it is Gotham City, after all--90 percent of the people Batman captures end up pleading insanity, right?

And there is a basis for Lois to plead that way...

Batman the great detective hadn't looked into Lois' past at all before the trial. Worst. Defense. Attorney. Ever.

You would think that some in-between charges like manslaughter or negligent homicide might be thrown out here, as compromises. But nope, It's Arkham or the chair for you, Lois!!

SPOILER ALERT: She refuses the generous offer.

From Lois Lane #100 (1970)

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