Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Begun The Insect War Has!

Your history books, they're so politically correct, I bet they left this bit out:

We've already had WWIII.

Don't believe me? Well, would you doubt...Captain Marvel?!?

U.S. seismic stations have detected atomic explosions--in the Amazon jungle!! The Big Red Cheese goes to investigate!

No, not nothing...


Marvel rescues some of the locals...

...and they fill him in on these insect wars!

Well, this can't be allowed to go on, so Cap goes to palaver with the king of the ants!

"Scientific hormones."

D'oh!! You've been lawyered, Marvel! So much for the wisdom of Solomon!

 So what to do?!? Intervene forcefully, and destroy their source of atomic power!! First, the wasps:

It turns out that one was enough...

But with the corrupt leaders gone, the ants and wasps welcome us with open arms!

And that is how the UI was born.

Of course, your history books won't tell you about that, or the threat from UI black helicopters, plotting to force us to join their One World Government!! It's all a cover-up!!

From Whiz Comics #150 (1952)

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SF said...

"Impervious to any death-dealing weapon" -- is that seriously a limitation on Captain Marvel's power? Because I can think of lots of ways to get around that...