Monday, October 26, 2015

Manic Monday--The Olde West's Solution To The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis!!

Hey, here's a Western hero for modern times!

Who is this Six-Gun Smith?

Heck, he sounds like a hell of a guy!

In Rainbow, he gets involved in a crooked card game:

I think this is the "quick trigger finger" part of Six-Gun Smith's personality!

Since murdering skunks is, well technically illegal, Smith flees the lynch mob. He encounters Tom and his unnamed sister. He saves Sis's life, and...

But--and doesn't this always happen--the posse shows up during dinner!

Ah, yes, "likker," blunting the resolve of posses since 1847!

Here's that quick trigger finger again...

Well, that's a heapin' helpin' of bodies. Whatever shall we do?

Yeah...just leave your land?!?

Ah yes, murder everyone in town and abandon your underwater mortgage! I think this is the "carefree" part of Six-Gun's legacy!

"Newer, freer life" means run away from your legitimate debts and 5 counts of homicide, I guess!

Let that be a lesson to posses and debt collectors!! Don't cross Six-Gun Smith!!!

From Western Crime Busters #1 (1950)

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SallyP said...

Ahhh...the wholesome carefree days of the old west.