Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Trial Of Lois Lane Part II--THe Silver Age Version Of The Bachelor Sucked, Too!

So what does a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter do in her spare time?

Well, it turns out that the producers of the show are kind of dickweeds... agreed to go on a show called "Your Secret Life" as part of National Superman Day--and you're surprised and huffy when they ask you about your life with Superman?!? What did you expect to be talking about?

Don't worry--these dickweeds don't need your help to violate your privacy!

Uhh..there's an earthquake in Pakistan right now, Superman. Superman...?

But the dickweeds aren't done being dickweeds yet:

Yes, after we ambush you and humiliate you, we're going to let our audience vote on who should be Superman's girlfriend while you two go off to a room together. What could possibly go wrong...except MURDER???!?!?!

And you thought that 21st century TV shows were garbage...

From Lois Lane #99 (1970)

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