Monday, October 19, 2015

Manic Monday Bonus--The Fisherman Of Metropolis Can Be Bribed Pretty Easily!!

When Lois first tried to get hired at the Daily Planet, Perry White was kind of a dick:

"Sorry, got me the Pentagon Papers yesterday, Watergate the day before...but no scoop today? You're trash! Get outta here!"

Well, Lois is up to the task, and she gets the first two scoops. But on Day 3, she runs into a little bit of trouble:

Come on, guys--no jokes about "big bones," OK? This is a family blog.

Only an hour to press? What's the problem, Lois? Just write it up on your tablet, tether it to your cell phone, and...oh, wait. Wrong century.

Ah, but Lois has a plan! more time?

"I'll put that $5 bill in with a note telling the finder to keep it if he rushes the scoop to the Planet!"

5 whole dollars, Lois? Sure, that'll make anyone snap to attention, drop what they're doing, and rush to fulfill your whims!

But you know what? She was right! Never underestimate the "thriftiness" of Metropolis fisherman!

"Hurry, Charlie!! Drop everything, dump our catch, rush in to shore, and then rush to the Daily Planet--then and only then can we can keep this $5 bill!!!"

"Uh, couldn't we just keep the $5, Joe?"

"NO!! Than we wouldn't have actually earned it!!"

Those big city folks are so sweet and honest...

From Lois Lane #17 (1960), as reprinted in Lois Lane #81 (1968)

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SallyP said...

Well, back in the day, that $5would have been the equivalent of $5,000 or something.