Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Trial Of Lois Lane Part III--The Motive!!

While the studio audience of a particularly obnoxious Gotham City TV show votes on whether Lois or Lana makes the better girlfriend for Superman, the ladies are forced to stew in the cafeteria...

[Editor's note: That is the stupidest reason ever for Superman not to marry you, Lois. Name one enemy of his that hasn't threatened you already? You just went on national TV to talk about how you smooch and he really loves you. I'm not sure how being married would make you a bigger target than you already are. Luthor: "Well, I would kidnap Lois, but since she and Superman aren't married, he probably wouldn't come to save her"?!??! Just sayin.']



Tied?! Tied? You ambush the ladies on your quality show, you goad them into fighting...and the best you can do is tie? Gotham City, you deserve the Joker!!

But does this all lead to...MURDER?!?

From Lois Lane #99 (1970)

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