Friday, August 14, 2015

Tales From The Quarter Bin--The 1970s Marvel Version Of Birdman!!

Matt Murdock is escorting Foggy's sister Candace to the theater!

Hell, so am I. Let me just tell you upfront--this will be the greatest single play you have ever seen, EVER!

"America Shall Endure"?? "An avant garde pro-patriotism play"?!?! Buckle up guys, it's going to be a stormy show.

Here we go...

Man, I just love the legitimate theater!!

SPOILER ALERT: there were some mind-control hijinks going on, so we really don't have a fair idea of what our avant-garde pro-patriotism play was like. Still, I think we have to give the Tony to Steve Gerber, right?!?

From Marvel Two-In-One #3 (1974)


Sina said...*t :0

Lol :P truly, i *am* speechless B)

Sina said...

O. M. G. :) "Get *hip*, schweinhunds!", ?!??!!?! :P Absolutely *brilliant*? Or stone-cold *bonkers*? :) *You* decide! :P ;) :D only your hair-dresser knows for sure :P

Brian said...

Ah, 70s Marvel. The artistic quality of it was great, but the politics of the deeply insular post-hippie bullpen writer was really quite laughable, especially when you stopped and considered how everything was basically a series of strawmen and author insertions.

AUTHOR-INSERTION CHARACTER: "America is really [radical statement]
READER WHO ISN'T A COLLEGE FRESHMAN: ", you're in maybe the 10% who believe that..."