Saturday, August 8, 2015

FF Week #29--A Few Words About The New Fantastic Four Movie (Spoiler Free)!!

Thanks to the rewards program at my local theater, my ticket was free.

My soda was free.

My popcorn was free.

The extra real butter for my popcorn was free.

And with all that, it was still too expensive for this stinkin' film, because I'm never getting that 100 minutes back, and never going to stop wondering what the hell went wrong. Some things even free can't fix.

A longer, detailed and spoiler filled review will follow, probably next week.

But do you make the Fantastic Four boring? And lifeless? And uninteresting? Just poorly done on all levels. Shame on you, Fox...shame on you.


SallyP said...

I'm still not quite certain why they even made this film.

Green Luthor said...

The "why", I think, has to do with the licensing contract between Fox and Marvel. If Fox doesn't make a new movie with the characters every few years, the rights revert back to Marvel. Also the same reason why the 1994 Roger Corman-produced FF movie was made, actually. And the reason Marvel was able to get the rights to Daredevil back from Fox; Fox couldn't get a project off the ground in time, so Marvel got everything back.

(I'm kind of guessing - hoping, even - that Fox didn't want to just give the FF rights back to Marvel, so they made sure they would retain them in order to negotiate a better deal in returning them, much like the Sony Spider-Man deal. Time will tell, of course, but I wouldn't be surprised if Fox looks to unload the property after this turkey...)