Thursday, August 6, 2015

FF Week #24--And Then There Was That Time Reed Turned Franklin Into A Vegetable!

You remember, right? Thanks to Annihilus tampering in God's domain, Franklin's mental powers were running amok:

SPOILER ALERT: Sue filed for divorce. Namor pretended to want to marry her in order to trick her into realizing how much she loved Reed. Ultron accidentally brought Franklin back to normal, destroying himself in the process. It wasn't the end of the Fantastic Four.

No, I wasn't a big fan of the Gerry Conway era, either...

From Fantastic Four #141 (1973)


Brian said...

If you step back a bit, the whole thing actually works very well as a take on normally family drama:

"Sue gets really angry at Reed, whose awkward play with Franklin has ended up with the boy seriously injured after a mishap with a toy, so she threatens to leave him for Alpha Jock Namor..."

SallyP said...

A small part of me has always wanted Sue to run off with Namor, who to be frank looks absolutely AMAZING in swimwear.