Saturday, August 29, 2015

J. Jonah Jameson's Honest, Unbiased Journalism!

Scene: all of the underworld is after some crazy ancient tablet. [SPOILER ALERT: It contains some alchemical  Fountain Of Youth formula that crime boss Silvermane wants.]

Spider-Man stops the Kingpin from stealing it, but the captured Fisk pretends that Spidey was his partner in the crime, so of course now all the police are after Web-head! Plus, student protesters who were demonstrating outside the building at the time are blamed for being complicit in the theft. Plus plus, J. Jonah Jameson gets into the middle of the mess, allowing the Kingpin to escape, getting into a screaming match with the Wallcrawler, and passing out from shock/exhaustion.

Whew...whoever said that this wasn't the Mighty Marvel Age of non-decompression?!?

Anyway, Robbie Robertson is running the Daily Bugle while JJJ is in the hospital, and Peter Parker just happens to have some pictures that resolve a lot of this mess:

See? That was easy!

Ah, but in the hospital, these revelations might be a tad less well-received!

 It *is* about the journalistic ethics!

Oh, Jameson...don't ever change. Do stop being a journalist, because, man, you're the Fox News of your day, brother. But you, personally...don't ever change!

From Amazing Spider-Man #71 (1969)

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Simon Dyer said...

I love the Tablet of Time story. Spidey had always had a toe in Dick Tracy-ish crime comics (Big Man, the Enforcers, et al) as much as Silver Age super stuff (high jacking a plane to save John Jameson's falling space capsule in the very first issue) but that story has it all.