Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FF Week #20--The Human Torch's Civil War!!

Remember that time the Human Torch was forced to fight solo against Paibok The Power Skrull, Devos The Devestator, and ex-wife Lyra?


Hey, no classes tomorrow!!

Now, if this had happened during the oughts, and, say, Mark Millar had been writing it, then the public would have turned on super-heroes, there would be a registration act, Tony Stark would become a fascist, dogs and cats living together...

But whatever else you can say against the 90s, they were a little bit more laid back about accidental cataclysm:

Outright dismissal of charges?!? No civil suit? No political grandstanding and repression of civil liberties? What the hell?!?!

Like I said, a more laid back time...

From Fantastic Four #371 (1992) and #376 (1993)


Sina said...

Look at those three statements each of them make before Johnny makes his decision...what he did was totally justified & in complete self-defense :I they were shooting to kill & nothing would have stopped them otherwise

-3- said...

No. I DON'T remember that.
Because once you start dressing Sue like that, you've established you're too stupid/ignorant/immature/whatever to be creating FF comics and i'm out the door before you destroy them.

It's astounding how much grief that policy has saved me in the last 20 years.