Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FF Week #17--Bold Fashion Choices--The VERY Visible Invisible Woman!!

I know I've covered this before, but unless we remember the 1990s, we're doomed to repeat the 1990s:

Oh, sweet mother of mercy, the Fantastic Four in leather jackets and pouches. Lots of pouches!

See, it wasn't just the Avengers!!

Of course, the most memorable change of all was Sue Richards showing that Power Girl isn't the only one who can rock the cleavage window:

Holy-not-so-Invisible Woman!!

Her attitude with the FF's muggle tenants is also a bit more...aggressive:

Who hoo!!

Of course, this is the same era that had Ben covering up more...

About time you covered up, Thing!! Think of the children!!

From Fantastic Four #375, #371, #372 & #383 (1992-1993)

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