Monday, August 3, 2015

FF Week #5--Back In The Day When Heroes Were Allowed To Wed!

You youngsters may not remember...

...but there was a time when heroes were allowed to marry, and not forced to remain single by editorial diktat.

Hell, super-hero weddings were big events!!

And while other heroes have had their marriages dissolved by reboots or spousal abuse or deals with Satan, Reed & Sue endure. Sure there have been hiccups, fights, separations, apparent deaths, mind transfers, and heaven knows what else. But Reed and Sue endure.

Last month was the 50th anniversary--50th!!--of their wedding. Surely Marvel made a big deal of this, right? Right...? Hello...?

From Fantastic Four #358 (1991)


Mista Whiskas said...

Yep, missed opportunity there.

W Carter said...

PREACH!!! Brother Snell!