Monday, August 10, 2015

Manic Monday Bonus--The Time That Archie Fought Thor!!

First of all... need to be crazy jealous of Archie, because he gets to go to the San Diego, Chicago and New York Comic Cons all in the same year.

Archie & Betty & Veronica are traveling with their friend Chuck, who discovered "the world's oldest comic book" in his grandfather's attic, and is taking the book on tour!

Not everyone is pleased about that book's existence, however...

Professor Jacko thinks that comic books are cause of all of society's ills, so he's trying to destroy that ridiculously rare book to send a message!

(Leave it to Archie to present a bold anti-Wertham satire 40 years after the fact!!)

But Jacko shouldn't be taken lightly!

Viking hammer to the face!! Viking hammer to the face!!

Oh, Mjolnir, why do you hate Archie so?

Also, later in this issue, Archie fights Spider-Man...

From Archie Giant Series Magazine #624 (1991)

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