Monday, August 10, 2015

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Jack Kirby's Rocky Moment!

I know I've written about this cover before...

...but I finally found the actual issue!! Thank you, Quarter Bin!!

Anyway, nothing remotely resembling that occurs anywhere in the issue. Poop!

But it does star The 3 Rocketeers!

"Beefy"?? His nickname is Beefy?

And what are our heroes up to?

Holy crap.

GCD lists the writing credit on these stories as "Jack Kirby ?," which is good enough for me to declare:


Yes, I know, there were almost certainly robot boxer comic books stories before this. Don't rain on my parade. And if know of any such comics, please send them to me. Not links--the actual comics. I need more comics.

This would also explain why Ronda Rousey is so unbeatable...

From Blast-Off #1 (1965)...Harvey was using some old Kirby stuff he did for them in 50s but they never published...this was probably written in 1958, as it was intended for the never-published Race For The Moon #4

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