Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Golden Age Idol--John Quincy Atom!!

You know, we've looked at this guy playing Cupid before, but it occurs to me that I neglected to fill you in on his origin!!

So, finally, four years later--it's the birth of:

I love that pun.

But how did we get a sentient, anthropomorphic atom gallivanting about the realm?


92? Oh, you poor, naive 1946 scientists. No doubt your minds were blown over the coming decades by the addition of 26 more elements to your puny and primitive incomplete periodic table!!

Anyhoo, science happens, and...

SCIENCE LESSON: make sure your rivets are tight!!

And the result?


Well, John Quincy Atom tracks down the scientists--and he's not happy about almost being smashed, let me tell you!

Damn juvenile delinquents!!

Oh, John Quincy.

Will no one revive this charming rogue for modern audiences?!?

From Key Comics #4 (1946)

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