Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bold Fashion Choices--What The Well-Dressed Communist Soldier Wears!!

What the well-dressed communist soldier will be wearing in combat in the near future:

No, really!

See, in the unspecified near future,

But wait--it gets better!!

We had different (and sadly, unknown) artists working on the cover and in the actual story.

And whoever was working on the actual story, well, they decided that the future atomic wars would have the commies go all-out Roman in their war clothing:


Seriously, can you see anything when you're inside one of those helmets??!?

Still, you've got to love the ensemble:

White gloves, impossible helmet, red tunics, way too shorts shorts, knee high boots, swords (!)...seriously, is this the near future, or Spartacus?!?

Please note that the American soldiers are real sticks-in-the-mud, with their boring, utilitarian combat garb. Where's the color? Where's the elan? The fun?!?!

While they may have lost the atomic wars, the communists sure won the combat fashion wars!!!

From Atom-Age Combat #3 (1952)

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Bill said...

Who knew that commies would be such fans of Magnus: Robot Fighter