Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bold Fashion Choices--Recipe For Disaster!!

It wasn't unusually to see ads for dresses in comic books back in the day...but this one just seems like asking for trouble:

It's interesting that they all seem like something a Spirit femme fatale would be wearing...

But if you read the copy...

...you'll see that these ads were aimed at men, urging them to buy these dresses for their lady friends: "She'll be your Dream Girl;" "make her love you for it;" "she'll adore you for this;" etc. 

The ad was from a 1950s war comic, so I guess they were hoping the GIs, or GI wannabes, would buy these for their gals.

But just look at it! "Perfect for hostess wear"?!? I can imagine a lot of dudes giving this to their ladies and finding themselves having to spend Saturday night alone!

But the most dangerous part?

They're asking guys for their ladies' size. And if they don't know (which is a 90% probability, am I right, fellas?), they're to give the woman's "approximate height and weight."


Many a relationship died from these dresses...

I forgot to write down which comic this ad came from, and really, I'm too lazy to go digging and find it again. It was some war comic, 1952-1955ish. I think. I'm a terrible blogger...

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