Thursday, August 27, 2015

Grandmaster-Level Trolling!

Well, after the events of this week's issue of Superman, fans of the Clark/Lois relationship have got to be even more bummed than usual.

So surely it was just a massive coincidence that DC also chose that exact same day to release this on Comixology?

Yup. Just a big coincidence. Complete happenstance. There's no way that DC would deliberately troll their readership like that. Right? Right?!?

The Adventures Of Superman #525 is from 1995, almost exactly 20 years ago. Yup, just a total coincidence. Cover by Stuart Immomen and Jose Marzan Jr.


Siskoid said...

"I AM MARRIED AND IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE A POWER FANTASY!!!!" - Comics editors and writers in bad marriages

SallyP said...

Oh...REAL continuity?

God, I miss it so.

Dale Bagwell said...

DC? Of course they would, especially Didio, even though I know he may/may not know or have been responsible for that particular issue coming out. Upon reading that DC comics lost 2 million this year so far, causing panic and reports of editorial wanting to back to the "meat and potatoes" style, its about time, but woefully too late for the readers they already drove off in waves before and after Convergence.

Its fucked yup when we've been wanting that back to good storytelling basics for awhile now, not just @DC, but at Marvel too.

Amazing how losing 2 million will adjust your previous outlook on things huh?