Monday, August 4, 2014

Manic MondayBonus--When Is A Werewolf Not A Werewolf?

Since we apparently dealing with obscure Dell heroes today, let's remember the glory days of the 1960s, when Dell decided to make super-heroes out of classic (public domain) horror monsters.

The results say the least. We've already looked at their versions of Dracula and Frankenstein.

So who does that leave?

Oh, yeah...

Making a super-hero/super-spy out of the werewolf concept is just so gloriously demented.

But, sadly, he's not an actual werewolf (boo!) Air Force test pilot Wiley Wolf (yes, that was his name) crashed in the Arctic. Result? Amnesia. But other result? A close bond with a wolf (whom he names Thor!) who was also injured in the accident.

Well, six months later he's rescued, and he's all like Dances With Wolves:

He resigns from the Air Force--but then he's immediately recruited into a super-secret government organization to be their main operative.

They use hypnotherapy to somehow give him super-face-shifting-powers! Because SCIENCE!

They also use technology to enhance his already-strong communication with Thor:

But most important? The suit they give him to wear:

Wow, that's really from the anti-Jim Lee school of costume design...

And in a meta moment--from DELL!!--Wiley marvels over the twist his life has taken.


From Werewolf #1 (1966)

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