Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bold Fashion Choices--THE NEW DRACULA!!!

Let's say that you're the last descendant of Count Dracula, and you're a genius biochemist, and you want to clear the family name. What would you do?

Of course, you know he's going to end up drinking it himself (accidentally, of course), and:

That's pretty trippy for a Dell book...

Before you complain that "a scientist using a bat-derived serum to cure incurable disease but it turns him into a vampire-like creature" is Morbius' origin, I'll have you know that this was 4 1/2 years before Morbius, thank you!

So, anyway, you've got...well, bat powers. What do you do with them?

And fight evil he does:

Saving Europe from nuclear annihilation is pretty great for your first mission.

But the important question should you dress whilst protecting the world?!?

Like this:

No, really!! For we have stumbled upon:

The first issue of Dell's Dracula was just the straight up classic Bram Stoker guy. One issue and it was done. But then, 4 years later, #2 appeared...and surely it was completely a coincidence that, during the mania surrounding the Batman television show, Dell decided to relaunch Dracula as...a guy in a bat-suit who fought crime.

Sadly, it never caught on, and the series ended after #4.

But wait!! 5 years later, the series returned (although it, mysteriously skipped #5). Sure, it was just reprinting the earlier issues, but now another generation was exposed to the glory of--THE NEW DRACULA!!

Let me tell you...if Edward Cullen had dressed like this, that whole Twilight series might have been a success...

Panels from Dracula #7 (1972), which reprinted Dracula #3 (1967)


SallyP said...

That has to be the least scary looking guy that I have ever seen.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I also have the Dell versions of Frankenstein and Werewolf, the latter was some sort of spy.

Martin Gray said...

This just reminds me of what a smart idea Man-Bat is.