Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Olde Tyme Metropolis, Names Were Destiny!

Back in the good old days, you could tell a man's character by his name:

Alex Evell? Geez, wonder if he's a bad guy or not?

Actually, he's a gangster trying to buy a newspaper so he can use the power of the press to get himself more political power, and generate good cover for his criminal activities. So, yeah, the name fits.

Anyway, by threatening to kill Collum's family, he manages to buy the Morning Pictorial for a bargain price. Look, he's named Evell, right? It's not his fault!!

So, when City Councilman Barnes denounces Evell, the power of the press goes after Barnes:

Peter Fib?!? That's a trustworthy byline!

(By the way, denouncing someone as a rapscallion and saying they topped Baron Munchausen were pretty severe attacks in 1940!)

And when the police start busting some of Evell's gambling and extortion pals, well, the Morning Pictorial is all over it:

I.M. Lyon?? Really? No wonder people mistrust the media!

Of course, Superman took down Evell and his criminal empire, and the Morning Pictorial reverted to Collum's control.

I hope Peter Fib and I.M. Lyon didn't lose their jobs...

From Superman #5 (1940), as reprinted in Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus #1 (2013)


Mista Whiskas said...

"Alex Evell? Geez, wonder if he's a bad guy or not?"

And those eye brows ain't helping any, either.

SallyP said...

Comics are subtle.