Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mad Women

Yes, Dell took a stab at romance comics:

That's one hell of a cover...too bad we don't have credits for it.

Kim Garland is a Wichita gal, come to New York, with big dreams:

Well, in an obvious rip-off from Mad Men, she proceeds to sleep her way to the top (well, OK, it's a 1962 comic book, so she necks her way to the top). Starting in the secretarial pool at the "largest advertising agency in the world," she proceeds to hook an executive with a little flirtation and kissing, and refuses to continue the relationship until he gives her a job as his private secretary or assistant. Once she has the gig, she cuts the proto-Draper off. and sets her sights on the next rung of the corporate  ladder:

Ouch. She does this 4 times (!), finally hooking up with/working for the company's executive vice-president--until she ends up going power mad, losing friends, and getting fired.

Fortunately, she ends up meeting Bob, the cute but poor actor she spurned earlier. He's becoming an off-Broadway producer, and he needs...a private secretary!!

Well, there was a second issue of Private Secretary...

(Again, no credits for the cover :-( )...

Apparently, this is set on Earth-2, because it stars Kim Garland again, but the events of the 1st issue seem to have never happened. Now she's a secretary to a "trio of ad executives." But she takes off for the glamor of a European vacation!!

After a whirlwind series of romances--cruise ship officers! Matadors! Television executives!--she comes back home, realizing...

Aim high, girlfriend. Aim high!


anthrax2525 said...

Those don't look like comic covers. They look like covers from the (semi-legitimate) paperback novel market. Very nicely done, still.

SallyP said...

It's hard to file with gloves on.