Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Night Fights--Bull-Headed Style!!

OK, I haven't won a Friday Night Fights in weeks.

So it's time to revert to an old standby theme: man-on-animal action!!

Or, to be more precise, man-on-MANIMAL action!

Joe Goodwin is the best fighter in the world:

But his greedy son, wanting to cash-in, arranges a secret "charity" bout (for which he will receive great riches) in an obscure European village. Good plan, right?

Oh, right. This is a horror comic. BAD plan!

Oh, it's the old "Lords Of Ragnarok" set-up, as our "promoter" seeks out entertainment for his eldritch audience.

Well, there's no Seventh Doctor around to stop them this time, so I guess Joe will just have to fight his way out. Against...

Oh, it is on!


But this is a horror comic, so someone has to die:

"Poor man?" The guy just set you up to be a sacrifice!!

Spacebooger would like to see more mythologically-themed boxing...

Minotaur goes down, and he goes down hard in The Unexpected #214 (1981), by Bill Kelley & S. R. Bissette (writers), Adrian Gonzales (yo, Adrian!--penciller) and Bruce D. Patterson (inker)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Because if I win, I might show you future bouts of Joe boxing a Gorgon, a centaur and a unicorn (I'm joking, I think). So go vote!!


Mista Whiskas said...

Certainly that one won you the contest, right? Because if someone else beat a man defeating a minotaur in a boxing match in a Lovecraftian Rosemary Baby's meets Fight Club set up I'd demand a recount.

snell said...

We'll find out Tuesday.