Thursday, August 14, 2014

Once Again, Slay Monstrobot Has Successfully Prophesized The Comics World!!

So, 4+ years ago I opined that Grant Morrison should do something with the silly piece in Batman #256 (1974) detailing several versions of what happened if Bruce Wayne had been inspired by something besides a bat:

There are several go examples...go and read the post.

As I wrote then, "DC has held off doing any multiverse stories because they want Grant to do them. So, I'll ask--nay, demand--once more: Why the hell hasn't Grant Morrison done anything with the Legion Of Alternate Batmen?!?"

Apparently, someone was listening, according to an interview with Newsarama:

MORRISON: THE MULTIVERSITY Brings Back Alternate BATMEN From 1974 

I claim full credit, of course.


SallyP said...

Aww...his little scorpion tail is just so cute!

Jason Atomic said...

Looking back at your previous post I notice that...
In the stringray scenario, had the ray not swum past at that exact split second Bruce Wayne would have become "Puffer Fish Man"