Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why You Should Be Wary Of The New Flash TV Series!

Look, I haven't seen a frame of it yet, but maybe you should be very careful before you commit yourself to watching the new Flash series on CW.

Let's let Flash #118 (1961) explain.

You see, the Flash is in Hollywood, making a film about himself (all proceeds to charity, of course), and Iris West has gone out to interview him.

But we soon learn that all is not as it seems in Tinsel Town:


Just an actor who looks like him? No real powers, just special effects???

What a rip-off!!

Barry explains (to himself) some more:

Just terrible. Talk about deceiving the American public!!

But wait--there's more! There have been a set of mysterious accients on the set, so Barry fills in for Steve Palmer to figure out what's up. But...

Ah, one of those "It was all a ruse so we could kill you" plots. But why?

So wait--some actor is just going to pretend to be the Flash, so he can cash in on endorsements and merchandising ties?!?!?!?!

So you see, it's a definite caveat emptor situation with this new Flash TV series (which, by the way, is NOT giving the proceeds to charity...ahem). I can't prove it, but I'd be willing to bet that, just like in this story, the series will NOT star the real Flash--just an actor pretending to be him. There will be NO real super-speed action--just "camera magic."

And while I would never suggest that lead actor Grant Gustin would ever turn to sabotage and murder to enrich himself with the Flash's name, Gustin will be just like Steve Palmer, in that he will be making an awful lot of money pretending to be the Flash! And just be careful at any Flash personal appearances or when buying any toys...because I'll wager they WON'T be authorized by the real Flash.

In other words, the new Flash series will likely be total fiction. RIP OFF!!!!!


Jason Glor said...

Wouldn't people figure out pretty quickly that he wasn't the real Flash? You know, the whole, "can't actually run at super speed" thing might be a giveaway.

snell said...

In the Silver Age folks were far more trusting...

CalvinPitt said...

Forget average folks, what about the Rogues? I can't imagine Mr. Palmer lasting long when Captains Cold or Boomerang come to call.

I mean, I guess he's counting on them not caring, because he won't actually try to stop their crime sprees, but I'm not sure that'll save him from Grodd. . .