Monday, August 4, 2014

Manic Monday--Hey, Fred Van Lente, You're Slacking!!

Look, we all know that Fred Van Lente is rocking the free world with some of the most exciting and fun super-hero stuff not coming from the Big Two. Archer & Armstrong, Magnus Robot Fighter, Brain Boy...

Hey, about Brain Boy. It's a great book and all...but Fred, where the hell is a story as wacky as this:

Yes, that's a T-Rex. An intelligent T-Rex. An intelligent, telepathic T-Rex. An intelligent, telepathic T-Rex named Trax.

God I love comics.

See, a scientific expedition has disappeared at the North Pole, and Brain Boy has been sent to find them.

And it turns out that nuclear testing has freed Trax, and he's used his awesome dinosaur brain power to enslave the scientists to help him awaken the rest of his T-Rex brethren and take over the Earth.

Again: I love comics.

And Brain Boy reads the dinosaur's memory...

Ah, but the great Ice Age put a kibosh on all that. Until that damned nuclear testing awoke the big guy...

And surprisingly enough, he's a sparkling conversationalist!

 So, he's not a T-Rex, he's a...well, a T-Ment?

Now, I want you to close your eyes and picture any scene--comic book, cartoon, movie, whatever--any scene with two characters having a mental battle.

Now imagine that same scene with one of the characters a T-Rex. Better, right?

Whew indeed---you were only one word "away" from trademark infringement!!

So, anyway, Fred Van Lente, we're really glad that you've revived this obscure hero. But you've been holding out on us--WE WANT TELEPATHIC T-REXES!!!!!

Thank you.

From Brain Boy #3 (1963)

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SallyP said...

I'm kinda rooting for the T-Rex here.