Tuesday, August 12, 2014


OK, I'm going to talk about something so trivially stupid and inconsequential that's it's probably safe for most people.

Still, there's a brief clip for Guardians Of The Galaxy below, and to the extent that some people have yet to see it and might consider it a spoiler, I'm affixing the big ol' SPOILER warning on here.

So if you don't want to know, come back after you've seen the film. This post will still be here.

Discussion commences after the five Guardians Of The Galaxy pictures:

Still here? Sorry, it's probably not worth it...but here we go.

I noticed something that probably is completely meaningless during my last viewing of GOTG, but my brain won't let go of it. So let's share.

Please view this video clip, as our heroes discuss the fact that Peter Quill only has part of a plan to escape their current dilemma (no real spoilers to the plot...Marvel released this as a publicity clip...but proceed at your own risk...):

And now, flash back a couple of years to the Avengers movie...


Look, I know this means nothing. This is just my stupid monkey-brain trying to make a recognizable pattern out of random coincidence, right? Sheer chance made both films have a scene with banter about 12%.

Or James Gunn and/or Nicole Perlman were just making a subtle hat tip to the earlier movie. Right? A bit of a running gag?

And yet my brain won't let go of it...

I'm an idiot...

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