Thursday, August 7, 2014

DC's Civil War Envy Reaches Ridiculous Proportions

You remember not so long ago when Marvel had people all aflutter over "unregistered mutants" or "unregistered super-heroes." Man, that sucked.

But don't worry--there's nothing stupid that Marvel can do that DC can't find a way to much stupider. For, in this week's New 52: Futures End #14, we get this:

"Unregistered super-powered alternate Earth fugitive." Wow.

DC: forever learning the wrong lessons.

And just when we thought Deathstroke couldn't have a dumber costume...


anthrax2525 said...

"Anything you can do, I can do dumber. I can do anything dumber than you..."

SallyP said...


Oculus Orbus said...

Say, isn't the Global Peace Agency from the original OMAC comic? It's nice to know that there is no remote corner of the DC universe that editorial isn't happy to take a dump on.

On a related note- skinny Big Barda. Ugh.