Thursday, August 7, 2014

Superboy's Framily Plan

I like to rag on the Bat-Signal, because when even Green Arrow comes up with a better system, you know you've got a pretty lame set-up.

But Superboy's got them both beat!

Now that's a calling circle!! Even Batman doesn't get calls from the President!!

Of course, you'd hope that maybe there'd be an intermediate step between the Smallville Police Chief and the President Of The United States. Kansas' governor, perhaps? The National Guard? The National Weather Service?

I doubt we ever got a story where some evil-doer managed to hack into the system and send Superboy off on wild goose chases while they robbed banks and stuff...and then found a way to trace it back to the Kents' home!!! Dammit, that's a great idea--that's why I SHOULD be allowed to write comics...(cue someone in the comments telling me there was such a story. Oh, well, back to not being allowed to write comics!!)

From New Adventures Of Superboy #6 (1980)


SallyP said... could be a bad fuse.

snell said...

Shhh....don't tell him! It makes him feel important!

Martin Gray said...

So GL wasn't the only hero with a special lamp.