Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Best Covers That haven't Been Published Yet!

Check out the cover to November's All-New Invaders #12:

That cover is by Michael Komark. The story?

"In 1917, what brought together UNION JACK, IRON FIST, and FREEDOM’S FIVE? Would you believe…invading MARTIANS?!"

Yeah, I'm all over that. FYI, if you're curious about Freedom's Five, here's their bio. That's why I love what James Robinson is doing on this book...he's taking a one-panel throwaway idea by Roy Thomas and blowing it up into it's own thing---which is exactly the same thing that Roy Thomas himself did to other throw-away long-forgotten characters/concepts.

And then there's this:

That's the cover of Constantine #19, by Juan Ferreyra. The solicit, sadly, seems to have little to do with this image--the story is something about him going to Earth-2, because I guess pulling John Constantine from Vertigo means you embroil him in stupid crossovers.

Still, that's one heck of a bitching cover!


Britt Reid said...

Marvel's re-introducing the Killraven future into the mainstream Marvel Universe, and it includes tripod-controlling "Martians".
But, I think they're indicating the War of the Worlds aliens are just using Mars as a launching point, and that they're not native to the Red Planet.

Dale Bagwell said...

Cool concept indeed. Unlike his horrible run on FF, Robinson seems to thrive when dealing with Golden Age/forgotten characters like this. He should stick to only writing stuff like this from now on.

Good call on the Roy Thomas homage. Definitely the same spirit here.

Anonymous said...

You might want to chase up the Marvel UK Knights of Pendragon which also paid a bit of attention to those Great War heroes.