Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Manic Canada Day--Canada Gets Its Own Super-Hero!!

It's imaginary story time again!!

In this tale, instead of Kandor, Brainiac shrunk Kryptonopolis!!

Thus, Jor-El and family were off planet when Krypton exploded, and Kal-El was never launched to Earth!! In fact, the El's, no longer dead, had a second child--Knor-El!!

Well, via circumstances too complex to go into, the bottle city of Kryptonopolis ends up on Earth. And after the seeing the crime and evil on stuff we have here, Jor-El decides to use the one and only dose of enlarging gas he has to make a hero for Earth.

But who to choose? Well, how about a Paradise Island style athletic contest?

Of course, Jor-El's sons are the sole survivors...

And Knor-El wins!! He goes to Earth as Superman!!

He establishes a secret identity!!

But soon enough, trouble strikes, as an inexperienced Superman has his first encounter with...kryptonite!!

What to do?

No, not "spraying a quick-hardening green luminous lead paint quickly out of tiny opening in the belt buckle." Like that would work!

No, remember when we told told that there was one and only one dose of enlarging gas? We were lied to!

So Kal-El goes to Earth, and rescues his brother!

But what now?

A) The paper is in English?

B) That is one HELL of a mustache for the Man Of Steel! Tony Stark, eat your heart out!!

And so...


So, Canada, in your 100th birthday, DC gave you an imaginary, hand-me-down hero!!

This had better turn up in Multiversity...

Happy Canada Day!!

From Superman #200 (1967)

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Anonymous said...

I know I'm a bit late to the party here, but yes, Montreal DOES have english newspapers.