Saturday, July 12, 2014

There Is No Worse Villain Than A Music Critic!

It's time once again for the adventures of that swinging, crime fighting band leader:

Oh, Swing, how we miss you...

But what is the scoop on that "fantastic fiend known as The Maestro"??

(Note the headline in this 1942--"Hitler Killed!" Sorry, Swing creator Phil Martin, you're a few years early)

Insult the magicians? Now that's going to far!!

So how does The Maestro pull off these fiendish capers:

Seriously, this guy is a straight up Justice Society villain!! A tricked up conductor's baton that emits sleeping gas?

But then the man just goes too far:

"Maybe now you will no more come..."?? Sounds like our writer got a little dose of that knock-out gas, too.

But going all Wertham on boogie-woogie and jitterbugging? That's just diabolical!!

But The Maestro doesn't forget the important stuff--

--robbing unconscious folks!!

Truly, he is:

Yes, he's so smart. Because there's no possible way to counter his brilliant modus operandi...

...unless some musicians put on some gas masks!


The moral of our story: don't dis on Swing's music, brother!!

From Feature Comics #54 (1942)


SallyP said...

They are the Sultans of Swing!

Scipio said...

Why is DC wasting time on the likes of 'Voodoo" when there's a 'Swing Sisson" revival to be made?!

snell said...

You're preaching to the choir, sir. Of the real answer to your question is "Jim Lee's ego/royalties."