Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Remember That Time When Tony Stark Completely Ruined Captain America's Shield?!?

We all remember how Captain America is so good with his shield, right? That he can throw it and always have thought so far ahead that it can smash 10 bad guys and still comes back to where he'll be standing? Pure athletic skill and battlefield smarts, right?

Oh, silly you. It's not skill--it's remote control!!

From Cap's first post-frozen solo adventure, in Tales Of Suspense #59 (1964):

Wait--"magnetically-attracted shield"?? WTF?!?!

For a more detailed explanation, check out the very next issue:

Ah, yes, that magic period when "transistor" = "magic."

Changing its polarity??

 Magnetically recalled?!?

Well, that about ruins the whole idea, right? Cap's just not as fun with a remote controlled-shield (I, however, would love to have one). Gone is the hard-honed battlefield skill, replaced by a "science-y" gimmick.

Now I know how Lance Armstrong fans felt.

Thanks for disillusioning us, Marvel! Thanks for wrecking Captain America, Tony Stark!! Is there nothing you cannot destroy?

Ah, but wait--just two issues later, in Tales Of Suspense #62 (1965), some mooks try to steal the shield so they can use it's newfangled magnetic properties for their own nefarious needs. But:

Ahhhh, now THAT'S the shield-slinger we know and love!!

Thank you, Stan and Jack, for rethinking the decision to make Captain America's shield just another one of Tony Stark transistorized gimmicks. And thank you for acknowledging that Tony Stark ruins everything he touches!

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George Chambers said...

This was of course published before somebody in Marvel made the decision that the shield was indestructible. Cap was using a very destructible shield at least up to Roy Thomas' stint as writer of the Avengers as I remember the Living Laser destroying the shield at one point. I imagine Marvel would be happy to retcon this story out of continuity.