Saturday, July 5, 2014

These American Women Are Free With Their Kisses!

You know the best thing about romance comics?

No matter what the world problem...'s really all about how it affects you! Because the real problem with tyranny is how it impacts your love life:

Yup, it's all about you.

Anyway, American reporter Gloria Manners is interviewing engineer Will Nekaro about the dam he is building in his commie homeland of Messalia, when...

Ah, young love!!

But the head of the Messalian secret police, who has been attempting to woo Miss Manners, has a thing or two to say about it...

And that's how we won the Cold War: the kisses of American women infected the Eastern Bloc with the chivalry of democracy!!

Now if only we can get American women to go start kissing engineers in North Korea and Egypt and Latveria, all world problems will be solved!!

From Flaming Love #1 (1949), which is a very deceptive name for a comics, because at the very least you expect a Human Torch or The Flame or something....but no, not a single person on fire!!


SallyP said...

They're aflame...with PASSION!

Sina said...

Ha, I thought the title read 'Tranny Broke My Heart'