Monday, June 30, 2014

Manic Monday Bonus--What's That Coming Out Of Your Crotch, Superboy?

Long story short: exposure to red kryptonite has turned Clark Kent into a selfish jerkwad, and he has revealed his secret identity as Superboy to the world.

So of course, crooks turn up at his doorstep with a hunk of green kryptonite. Gee, that's a well thought-out masterplan, guys.

Clark is back to normal now...but how can he regain his secret identity? And how can he survive the kryptonite?

So how did young Kal-El protect himself from the green K?


"Spraying a quick-hardening green luminous lead paint quickly out of tiny opening in the belt buckle"? Or taking a super-whiz on it? You make the call...

From Superboy # 107 (1963)

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OTL said...

"First, I'll take off this 'Clark Kent mask', revealing my Superboy face underneath!" "Why does your Superboy face look exactly like your Clark Kent mask?" "Uh...."

Also, if that "quick spray paint to cover the kryptonite" trick works, why didn't he make that belt buckle part of his regular costume and use it every time someone tried to use kryptonite on him? Would make things a whole lot easier, one would think...