Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So Not Everybody Liked Neal Adams

This was to cover to X-Men #62 (1969):

This was a letter in X-Men # 66 (1970), from Kurt Erichsen of Loos Bay, Oregon. Kurt was not pleased with the cover in particular, and Neal Adams in general:


For the record, the cover and interior were both inked by Tom Palmer.

As for whether or not Neal Adams had "been receiving credit for Mr. Palmer's work," we'll have to let history decide.

FWIW, #66 was the last new issue of the original incarnation of the X-Men, cancelled for low sales. Adams was, of course, also the artist on Green Lantern when it was cancelled...for low sales. Whatever your opinion of Adams' work, it's pretty clear that the popularity of his artwork didn't translate into increased sales...

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