Monday, July 14, 2014

Manic Mathmagic Monday--Uncle Scrooge Is A Total Bastard!

Look, one of the most important rules in life is, don't borrow money from relatives--especially if your relative is Uncle Scrooge!!

So wait: Donald took out a loan for 89¢?? C'mon, man...

Still, Scrooge's interest rate would be illegal in many a land: 30% interest computed on a monthly basis is 360% (!!) APR...and compounded weekly means that you get in the hole pretty quickly with this usurious old bastard!

Obviously, though, Donald missed a few payments (if he had paid 15¢ every week, he'd have the loan paid off in 2 1/2 months, and only be out $1.45). Lesson--don't miss payments!! Because...

Holy, crap, Donald is in a hole he can never get out of now!! F%#$ you, Uncle Scrooge!!

Perhaps, though, the power of Mathmagic can save Donald from complete bankruptcy and humiliation!....stay tuned!

From Four Color #1051 (1959)

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