Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Manic Canada Day Third Period--Canada's Greatest Hero (No, It's Not Who You Think)!

What, you expected Wolverine?

Who is the Red Panda, you may ask?

The Red Panda, famed protector of 1930s Toronto! Hiding his true identity as on of the city's wealthiest men behind a bright red domino mask, The Red Panda dispenses two-fisted pulp justice with strength, courage and eerie hypnotic powers. Joined in his quest by that Famed Fighting Female The Flying Squirrel, this Terrific Twosome holds high the lamp of justice in a dark time!
Red Panda is an ongoing (free!) podcast series from Decoder Ring Theater (9 seasons, 106 half-hour episodes so far). There have also been novels, and a couple of comic stories put out by Monkeybrain and available on Comixology. All set in the intricate and growing pulp universe of creator Gregg Taylor.

So celebrate Canada Day--go listen to or read some delicious pulp pastiche!!

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Mista Whiskas said...

He looks like he's waiting for a cease and desist letter from the owner of the Green Hornet.